Yingyi Bu and Bart Knijnenburg

Grad students get leg up from Google

Two in ICS’s doctoral program win fellowships recognizing world’s ‘most promising young academics’

Commencement 2013: By the numbers

Figures offer sneak peek at circumstances behind pomp

Ramesh Jain

Focused on the big picture

Computer scientist aims to integrate health data and make it globally available – by phone

molecular dynamics simulation of p53 and stictic acid

Sequestration casts shadow over research labs

Recent UCI discovery related to cancer treatment is the type of work endangered

Gene Tsudik with the GenoDroid app

Gene genie

UCI smartphone app permits secure storage, testing of DNA data

Highlights of 2012 at UCI

Year brings scientific advances, national accolades, international outreach, student achievement and loss of campus stalwarts

College prep via app design

Coached by UCI students, middle school teams learn STEM skills by creating educational smartphone games

What summer slowdown?

Summer learning and extracurricular activities are crucial to establishing a foundation of excellence in California education.

47th commencement is season of firsts

Undergraduate business majors, Cal Teach grads and new traditions are highlights.

Gloria Mark and Stephen Voida

Email ‘vacations’ decrease stress, increase concentration

Being cut off from work e-mail increases focus and reduces stress.