Computer Game Science students show off game

Ready to play

UCI’s first 14 computer game science majors set to graduate

Michael Franz

Fighting off virtual attacks

Inspired by nature, Michael Franz develops new cyber security techniques


UCI’s student recruitment video hits platinum

Campus story was the only one honored in its category

Jenny Yang and Charlene Tsay

Stamping out STEM stereotypes

UC Irvine has long been committed to gender equity in science, technology, engineering and math

Athina Markopoulou

A perfect balance

An engineer, professor, researcher, entrepreneur, wife and mother finds a second home at Calit2

Gene Tsudik

You’ve been hacked

With computer ‘break-ins’ growing in sophistication and number, UC Irvine researchers work to foil future attacks

Master mentor

Professor Emeritus Dick Taylor and the 30 Ph.D. students he has supervised have transformed the field of ICS

Highlights of 2013 at UCI

Year brings scientific advances, national accolades, international outreach, student achievement … and zombies

The spooky side of science

In the spirit of Halloween, we offer a witches’ brew of peculiar probes and freaky findings by UCI researchers

Associate Professor Gillian Hayes

Tech support

Gillian Hayes develops apps and other tools to help those affected by autism