UCI scientists partner with Under Armour to create squidlike fabric for self-regulating thermal comfort

With a $2.8 million grant, UCI assistant professor of chemical engineering & materials science Alon Gorodetsky and colleagues are working with Under Armour to create a fabric based on the adaptive principles of squid skin that will enable wearers to regulate their own temperature.

ATLAS, one of several detectors positioned along the Large Hadron Collider, on the outskirts of Geneva.

Crash course in physics

As revamped Large Hadron Collider fires up to record levels, UCI team prepares to pick through pieces of shattered particles

earth's defender

Earth’s defender

Abigail Reyes divides her life into two parts, “B.T.” and “A.T.” – before Terence and after Terence. In February 1999, Terence Unity Freitas, an environmental activist and her “partner in work and love,” was kidnapped and murdered in Colombia. At the time, he was working to halt the plans of major oil companies to drill […]


Measuring Earth’s Meltdown

An expedition to Greenland with UCI glaciologists reveals ‘time bomb’ effects of global warming

Presence of heart pouch may explain strokes of unknown origin, UCI study finds

Anatomical variant could promote stagnation of blood, forming clots that migrate

Howard Gillman acknowledges the audience during his investment ceremony

Gillman invested as UCI’s sixth chancellor

He cites innovation, expansion and partnerships as key to further enhancing campus’s excellence, impact and global preeminence

6 Minority Science Program students snag awards for their research presentations at AAAS competition

Six undergraduate students participating in the Francisco J. Ayala School of Biological Sciences’ Minority Science Program won awards last month for their research presentations at the poster competition of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences’ annual meeting. The AAAS poster competition is open to undergraduate and graduate students from domestic and international institutions. […]

Levee detonations reduced 2011 flood risk on Mississippi River, UCI-led study finds

Researchers urge greater control of resultant erosion in future scenarios

A crash test dummy for a water polo concussion study

Heading off concussions

Professor James Hicks, director of UCI’s Exercise Medicine & Sport Sciences Initiative, leads novel probe of impact injuries in water polo

Charles Limoli

NASA awards UCI $9 million to study underlying mechanisms of ‘space brain’

Charles Limoli will lead effort to see how cosmic radiation affects astronauts’ cognition