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ZotWheels award

UC Irvine has received a Green California Leadership Award for ZotWheels, the first automated bike-sharing program in the state and the second at a U.S. university.

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Weather blog

Bloggers apply National Weather Service data to Orange County conditions and topography to create a detailed, scientific report.

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Lauds & Laurels

The UCI Alumni Association announced that Julian Feldman, professor emeritus of information & computer sciences, will receive the Extraordinarius award at its 40th annual Lauds & Laurels ceremony May 13.

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Butterfly gene

Butterflies that have a duplicate gene allowing them to see ultraviolet colors also have UV-yellow pigment on their wings, reports the study by UCI’s Adriana Briscoe, Seth Bybee and colleagues.

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Biological flaws

In his new book, UCI evolutionary biologist John Avise examines why flaws exist in the biological world.

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