Physical Sciences

Program fosters future science, math teachers

UCI program helps meet nation’s critical need for more – and better – math and science teachers.

UCI@Home graphic

What’s gobbling energy in your home?

Pilot “smart home” program shows UCI homeowners how they use energy and aims to change their habits.

A “mathlete” competes in Mathcounts regionals

UCI hosts middle school ‘mathletes’

Students exercise their computational skills in regional round of nationwide competition.

Gunther Uhlmann

Famed math professor who researches invisibility joins UCI

Famed math professor who recently joined UCI says breakthrough equations could make invisibility a possibility.

Cactus Wren

Cactus restoration program is for the birds

UCI cactus restoration program aims to boost the population of a rare wren. Biologists are creating a welcoming habitat near campus that they hope will help the species thrive.

Diane O’Dowd

Improving science education

UCI Professor Diane O’Dowd and others argue science teaching is not properly valued.

Tracking precipitation planetwide

Team creates online maps used by foreign countries to predict – and prepare for – intense rainfall.

Making science come alive

UCI students educate, entertain children visiting Santa Ana museum.

A crowd-surfing student

2010 a year of challenges, achievement at UCI

In the past year, UC Irvine students, staff and faculty have stepped up in the face of continuing budget challenges and fee increases with innovation, drive and talent. The result? Research breakthroughs, national honors, global outreach, sports firsts – even a Guinness world record. Here are some top 2010 stories.

Reginald Penner and Reza Davari Ardakani

U.S., Iranian solar energy scientists convene at UCI

Meeting provides a collegial counterpoint to stormy political environment.