E-Week activities

Restoring math and science excellence

Summit aims to boost student interest, achievement in science, technology, engineering, math.

Julka Almquist

Exam room design affects patient satisfaction

Grad student correlates innovative design with increased communication, patient satisfaction.

Binh Phan

From breast cancer patient to bride

Binh Phan is planning her future – including a dream wedding – thanks to cancer treatment at UC Irvine Medical Center.

Tom Lane

Could stem cells reverse MS?

Biologist Tom Lane and a team of UCI researchers are leading an effort to determine whether a stem-cell-based treatment can repair neurological damage caused by multiple sclerosis.

Dr. Ralph Clayman

Medical school dean’s singular focus: healing

Dr. Ralph Clayman brings surgical precision and a singular focus on healing to his new role as medical school dean.

Dr. Ralph Clayman

Patient advocate

Levity, gossip and idle chitchat have no place in Dr. Ralph Clayman’s operating room. The pioneer in minimally invasive surgery once asked a gabby colleague to leave in the middle of an operation because the chatterbox lacked focus. Clayman, a urologist so dedicated he gives his home phone number to patients, makes no apologies for […]

Year of discovery, growth at UCI

High points of 2009 range from the volleyball court to the operating room with demonstrations of drive and dedication by UC Irvine students, faculty and staff.

Ginger Stickney tests Ava Martin’s cochlear implant

UCI expands options for hearing-impaired

New technology in cochlear implants and hearing aids means children needn’t suffer from hearing loss, says UC Irvine Dr. Hamid Djalilian.

Jamie Akiva Kahn

Medical student reflects UCI values

Medical student’s sensitivity and respect for patients reflects spirit of UC Irvine’s Living Our Values award.

UCI neurobiologist Leslie M. Thompson

Race against the clock

Ask UC Irvine neuroscientist Leslie M. Thompson to describe how Huntington’s disease affects patients, and she replies by turning to her computer. “I can show you,” she says. She clicks on a video of patients she visited in Venezuela. On-screen, a middle-aged man stands on a street corner, swaying as if intoxicated. A woman, no […]