Public Health

A student's drawing of common allergy triggers

Bridging the healthcare divide

Most nurses see patients in health clinics, hospitals and offices, but Jill Berg is different. She makes house calls. Berg consults with people who have asthma and other chronic pulmonary conditions in their homes, churches and schools, often venturing into L.A.’s toughest neighborhoods. Her mission: to help them breathe easier. “I love getting out there […]

Shaking up earthquake theory

New information about the inner workings of earthquake faults could change how experts estimate the potential for the next “big one,” according to UC Irvine researchers.

Dr. Homayoon Sanati

Treating cancer in older adults

Geriatric oncologist Dr. Homayoon Sanati decries the underrepresentation of seniors in clinical trials. He’s working with his UCI colleagues to provide a solution.

Charles Limoli

Stem cells alleviate tumor treatment side effects

Human embryonic stem cells could help people with learning and memory deficits after radiation treatment for brain tumors, suggests a new UC Irvine study.

Ginger Stickney tests Ava Martin’s cochlear implant

UCI expands options for hearing-impaired

New technology in cochlear implants and hearing aids means children needn’t suffer from hearing loss, says UC Irvine Dr. Hamid Djalilian.

Man grabbing his neck

New hope for chronic pain sufferers

UCI center takes multidisciplinary approach to managing chronic suffering with its new Center for Pain Management.

UCi scientist Sheryl Tsai

Trigger of deadly food toxin discovered

A toxin produced by mold on nuts and grains can cause liver cancer if consumed in large quantities. UC Irvine researchers for the first time have discovered what triggers the toxin to form, which could lead to methods of limiting its production.

Kenneth Longmuir

Making chemotherapy safer, more effective

UCI researchers Kenneth Longmuir and Richard Robertson have developed a more precise approach to delivery of chemotherapy drugs.

People Laughing

Owner’s guide to the quirky human body

As much as we know about the human body, some of the more mundane, daily functions are least understood.

Linda Scheck

Alzheimer’s art creates lasting memories

Nine paintings created through an Alzheimer’s Association program called Memories in the Making are on display at UCI MIND.