Public Health

Brain scan of a rat

Whisker stimulation prevents strokes in rats, UCI team finds

Whisker stimulation prevents strokes in rats with arterial obstruction, UCI team finds.

Dr. Krishnansu Tewari

Overcoming ovarian cancer

UCI’s gynecologic oncology group forges what is being called the largest breakthrough for treating ovarian cancer in more than a decade.

Connie Parido draws blood from a Long Beach middle school student

A healthy plan for lowering diabetes risks

A school-based diet and exercise program UCI researchers helped create shows significant impact in lowering diabetes risks.

Is oil spill also fouling the air?

UCI researchers find disturbing amounts of certain gases above massive Gulf slick. More study is needed.

Needle and a bee

Synthetic antibodies create buzz

In breakthrough, UCI chemists create synthetic antibodies that block dispersion of bee venom in bloodstream.

Understanding the Alzheimer’s-Parkinson’s link

UCI researchers find the neurodegenerative combo of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases accelerates dementia.

Down syndrome may hold clues to Alzheimer’s

A UCI research team is studying Down syndrome adults to learn why – and when – cognitive decline is triggered by Alzheimer’s disease.

UCI doctors Kristi L. Koenig and Carl H. Schultz

Masters of disaster

UCI doctors Kristi Koenig and Carl Schultz wrote the book on disaster medicine. Its publication comes amid debate on the way medical care is delivered in a crisis.

Jeff Greenberg, Stephen Jenks and Sung-Jin Kim

Incubating innovation

UCI’s new TechPortal smooths the road from invention to successful commercialization of university-based inventions.

Helping Chileans heal

Roxane Cohen Silver, UCI expert on trauma and coping, advises leaders of quake-stricken country on ways to promote psychological recovery.