Pharm Sci

Sheryl Tsai

A fruitful career

Sheryl Tsai serves both present and future as a groundbreaking scientist and as an award-winning professor.

A single potato chip held up

The potato chip predicament

UC Irvine researchers found that fats in foods like potato chips and french fries make them nearly irresistible and trigger a surprising biological mechanism that likely drives our gluttonous behavior.

Pharmaceutical sciences lecture

A head start for pharmacy careers

UCI’s fledgling pharmaceutical sciences undergraduate program grows in popularity as the job market for drug discovery and pharmacy grows.

Kenneth Longmuir

Making chemotherapy safer, more effective

UCI researchers Kenneth Longmuir and Richard Robertson have developed a more precise approach to delivery of chemotherapy drugs.

Scott Samuelsen

Fueling the hydrogen highway

Scott Samuelsen is UC Irvine’s go-to guy on fuel cell and hydrogen technology.