Microfluidic chips

Toy inspires innovation in high-tech biochips

Overcoming a research snag was child’s play for assistant biomedical engineering professor Michelle Khine – and it earned her international recognition.

A flu vaccine being administered

Preparing for swine flu

Flu season is just around the bend, and one UCI expert says common-sense precautions and flu shots can do a lot to ward off H1N1.

Gillian Hayes

Technology helps teach kids with autism

Gillian Hayes, informatics assistant professor, designs computerized devices that help teachers work with children who have autism.

Dr. Scott Goodwin

Treating fibroids without surgery

Dr. Scott Goodwin takes a new approach to an age-old problem for women at UC Irvine Medical Center.

Daniel Boehne

Shaping surfboards – and smiles

Dentists have all kinds of ways to relax their patients, from music to medication, but UC Irvine alumnus Dr. Daniel J. Boehne ’99 has a different tactic: He gets their minds on surfing. Boehne not only makes crowns, he makes surfboards. His parents, Steve and Barrie, are world-champion tandem surfers, and his family has manufactured […]

UCI neurobiologist Leslie M. Thompson

Race against the clock

Ask UC Irvine neuroscientist Leslie M. Thompson to describe how Huntington’s disease affects patients, and she replies by turning to her computer. “I can show you,” she says. She clicks on a video of patients she visited in Venezuela. On-screen, a middle-aged man stands on a street corner, swaying as if intoxicated. A woman, no […]

A rice Farmer in Thailand

Stopping the spread of infectious diseases

UCI research on infectious diseases, such as dengue fever, HIV and meliodosis, could benefit millions worldwide.

Drs. Nitin Bhatia with Wilhite and his family

Triumph out of tragedy

Four other people are known to have survived the kind of spinal injury suffered by Jon Wilhite in a triple-fatality car crash, and everything had to go just right for emergency personnel and UC Irvine Medical Center doctors before this story could be told.

Line of men waiting for free meals during the Great Depression

Job loss and mental health

UCI’s David Dooley studies the impact of unemployment on mental health.

Dr. Chris Fox

Ultrasound in the ER: Wave of the future

Portable ultrasound scanners in the ER can save lives by expediting diagnosis.