School children in Kenya having their blood sampled for malaria parasites.

Giving global health a shot in the arm

From on-campus labs to rural clinics in Asia, Africa and Central America, UCI researchers and students strive to mitigate illnesses affecting millions.

Dr. Dan Mercola

Finding the ‘fingerprints’ of prostate cancer

Dr. Dan Mercola has identified genetic biomarkers — or “fingerprints” — of prostate cancer that yield specific information about tumors, permitting earlier detection and more effective treatment.

Emiliana Borrelli

Emiliana Borrelli’s French connection aids brain research

Supported by INSERM, her dopamine studies reveal new clues to brain diseases.

Doug Cheung

Student promotes compassion in medicine

UCI senior and new Dalai Lama Scholar Doug Cheung is dedicated to compassionate healing.

Salvatore R. Maddi

Finding the positive side of stress

Professor Salvatore R. Maddi has changed the way many view stress. Not only is it an unavoidable part of life, he argues, it can be good for us.

Dr. Ignatius Ou

Taking aim at deadliest cancer

UCI non-small cell lung cancer study highlights advances in targeted drug therapy.

Will McKleroy and Sam Dodson practice portable ultrasound

Medicine’s new wave

On her first day as a UC Irvine medical student, Sarah Rooney received an Apple iPad. Not just any ordinary iPad — this one came loaded with all of the books, notes, presentations and videos she needs for her first year of medical school. UCI’s School of Medicine was first in the nation to provide the tablet […]

John C. Hemminger new vice chancellor for research

Physical sciences dean since 2006, the renowned chemist is a ‘committed campus collaborator.’

Patient using the robotic arm for rehab

Post-stroke robotic rehab

UCI team will explore use of automation in restoring manual dexterity to stroke patients.

UC Irvine's newly renamed hospital in Orange

Hospital benefactor honored

The hospital at UC Irvine Medical Center this week was officially renamed UC Irvine Douglas Hospital in honor of local businessman M.A. Douglas, whose estate donated $21 million to the new medical facility.