Campus News

UCI researchers lead invention of blood-based assay to detect chronic fatigue syndrome

About 2 million people in the U.S. suffer from a mysterious illness known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, or chronic fatigue syndrome. One of the challenges healthcare professionals have faced in diagnosing it has been the lack of a clear biomarker, something in a patient’s bloodstream to signal the cause of the problem. Researchers at UCI and […]

Study touts new method to reduce cognitive side effects of brain cancer radiation treatment

UCI team helps uncover how ‘FLASH radiotherapy’ reduces neural cell damage

Campus Update on Measles

Dear UCI Community: Nearly a week has passed since we informed you of a confirmed case of measles on our campus and we’re happy to report that no additional cases have been confirmed on campus or in Orange County – though it continues to be a public health concern nationally. We continue to work with […]

Barbara Finlayson-Pitts is awarded the 2019 Royal Society of Chemistry Environment Prize

Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry has awarded its Environment Prize to Barbara Finlayson-Pitts, UCI professor of chemistry and co-director of AirUCI, “for outstanding contributions to the chemical sciences in the area of environment, sustainability and energy.” Specifically, she was recognized for her pioneering research revealing new processes in the formation of photochemical air pollution and […]

Measles update for Sunday evening

Dear UCI Community: As you know, UCI was informed on Friday evening that one of our graduate students has a confirmed case of the measles.  A cross-functional team was immediately established, and we issued two university-wide messages yesterday – one from the Chancellor and another from the Student Health Center – to help our community […]

Measles Update: Message from Dr. Albert Chang

Dear UCI Community: Since learning of a confirmed case of measles within our graduate student community last evening, we have been working diligently to determine and reach out to those who may have been exposed to the virus. Please see the Chancellor’s message issued this morning for details regarding this matter, including affected areas and […]

Negative experiences at dentist much more common for low-income, nonwhite children

Findings of UCI study suggest that providers, staff play role in oral healthcare use

New study tracks perils of water polo head injuries

Certain players endure far more trauma, UCI researchers say

Squid skin inspires creation of next-generation space blanket

UCI engineers develop material with heat regulation properties

Willie L. Banks Jr. is named UCI vice chancellor for student affairs

Indiana State University administrator will assume new role on July 15