Biological Sciences

Alan Barbour

Academic Senate leader takes reins

Dr. Alan Barbour, professor of medicine and microbiology & molecular genetics, is new Academic Senate chair.

A homeless woman shows Yu a pamphlet she's been reading

Student group pedals kindness

Twice a month, a group of UC Irvine students bike to Santa Ana to feed the homeless. Their goal: building relationships.

Diana Burns keeps an eye on her mother, Irma

Distinguishing ‘senior moments’ from Alzheimer’s

UCI scientists locate inner brain pathway they believe is key to memory.

COSMOS trains new generation of scientists

High school students take part in a highly competitive summer program that lets them live on campus and learn about university life.

Rozanne Sandri-Goldin

Keeping science funding flowing

Noted virologist Rozanne Sandri-Goldin influences research both in and out of the lab.

Summer program gives grad students an edge

Underrepresented students get a head start on research projects and form bonds in UCI summer prep programs.

UCI biophysicist Shin Lin leads a tai chi class

Tai chi expert goes with the flow

Biophysicist Shin Lin explores the science behind the mind-body practice of tai chi.

Brain scan of a rat

Whisker stimulation prevents strokes in rats, UCI team finds

Whisker stimulation prevents strokes in rats with arterial obstruction, UCI team finds.

Is the ocean making you sick?

This summer, surfers and swimmers will risk more than sunburn — the ocean could make them sick. UCI researchers are testing the waters and working to improve the detection, identification, measurement and elimination of coastal pollutants.

Understanding the Alzheimer’s-Parkinson’s link

UCI researchers find the neurodegenerative combo of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases accelerates dementia.