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CNN News, Nov. 24, 2015
UCI researchers create malaria blocking mosquito
“Biologists at the University of California, Irvine, have created a mutated breed of mosquito. It has genes that are resistant to malaria, so it can’t spread the disease to people. Additionally when a male mosquito with this resistant gene mates with an non-engineered female, researchers say 99.5 percent of their offspring will also be resistant to malaria. That could help stop the disease that kills more than half a million people, every year.”

Ars Technica, Nov. 23, 2015
Mutagenic chain reaction could knock malaria out of mosquitoes for good
“We don’t think that this technology alone is going to be responsible for eradicating malaria,” Anthony James, a vector biologist at the University of California, Irvine, told Ars. “This is going to be a combined effort.” But, he said, his group is hopeful that people who live in malaria-riddled countries will want to give these engineered mosquitoes a try.

Daily Mail, Nov. 23, 2015
Genetically modified mosquitoes could eradicate malaria ‘by passing genes that stop the spread of the killer disease on to their offspring’
Professor Anthony James, of molecular biology and biochemistry and molecular genetics at University of California, Irvine, said: ‘This is a significant first step. ‘We know the gene works. The mosquitoes we created are not the final brand, but we know this technology allows us to efficiently create large populations.’

The Washington Post, Nov. 24, 2015
Why Donald Trump may think he saw people cheering on 9/11
Elizabeth Loftus of the University of California, Irvine, …. a psychologist and an expert on the ways the mind concocts memories, said Trump could be misremembering rather than deliberately lying. “Just because someone tells you something with a lot of confidence, detail and emotion, it doesn’t mean it really happened,” she said.

San Francisco Chronicle, Nov. 23, 2015
Why do you buy? Black Friday dollars finance Chinese militarism
Peter Navarro, professor at UC Irvine [writes] … This Black Friday weekend, millions of Americans will spend billions of dollars on “Made in China” holiday treasure. China will use these Black Friday bucks to buy more of our homes and businesses, finance the tuition of Chinese students pouring into our universities, and pay for a growing arsenal of missiles increasingly aimed at American soil. Why are we consumers effectively buying the “Made in China” rope to hang ourselves?

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