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Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, March 24, 2020
UC Irvine Opens Online Learning Research Center as Coronavirus Forces Faculty Online
The University of California Irvine (UC Irvine) last week launched its first Online Learning Research Center as a resource for students and faculty navigating online education in the wake of the coronavirus. … The long-term goal of the Online Learning Research Center is to offer research-based guidance for quality and equitable online education.

Orange County Register, March 23, 2020
Coronavirus means a new way of daily living
“You cut the spread by putting people away from situations where they unconsciously end up sharing germs,” said Dr. Shruti K. Gohil, associate medical director of epidemiology and infection prevention at UC Irvine Medical Center. “I think we do need to stay rational and think about how to translate the new directives into our daily lives in a way that makes sense and allows us to live life while adhering to strict precautions. That is the hard part.” [Subscription required, you can request an electronic copy of the article by sending an email to communications@uci.edu.]

BuzzFeed News, March 24, 2020
The Coronavirus Is Sending Lots Of Younger People To The Hospital
“A very small proportion of those aged under 19 years have developed severe (2.5%) or critical disease (0.2%),” the WHO’s report on China’s outbreak stated. Some people interpreted those findings to mean they were safe. But “I’m just not sure we can extrapolate from the published Chinese data to what the experience will be like in the USA,” said Andrew Noymer, an associate professor of public health at the University of California at Irvine.

The Guardian, March 24, 2020
‘Coughing while Asian’: living in fear as racism feeds off coronavirus panic
Claire Jean Kim, a professor of political science and Asian American studies at the University of California at Irvine [said] “What is being accomplished by using this kind of language? We’re being misled about what causes pandemics and how to possibly prevent them or reduce their severity in the future. That’s the kind of conversation that we need to be having.”

The State, March 25, 2020
How will the coronavirus affect crime rates? It’s complicated, experts say
The criminals haven’t gone away, but COVID-19 is depriving them of opportunity, Richard McCleary, professor of criminology at the University of California-Irvine, told McClatchy News. Whether or not a crime happens depends on three things: There must be opportunity, motivation, and “the absence of a capable guardian,” McCleary said. With everybody hunkered down at home and off the streets, there are fewer easy targets.”

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