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One of the Dynamic Womxn of the Year is Judy Wu, Chancellor's Professor of Asian American studies. UCI

In its eighth year, the Dynamic Womxn of UCI Awards recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of womxn and the work that they do to make a difference in the community. It is also a celebration of the diversity of womxn who are breaking barriers and making an impact at UCI and beyond. Sponsored by UCI’s Womxn’s Hub, awards are presented in the following five categories: Academic Achievement, Ally, Outstanding Social Justice Activist, Dynamic Womxn of the Year and the Tamara Austin Legacy Award.

“The nominations this year were overwhelmingly moving,” said Sydney Torres, director of the Womxn’s Hub. “The stories of triumph, relentless dedication and innovation were an inspiration for the committee to review. With over 75 nominations, a near 100 percent increase from last year, it is clear that womxn are a driving force for change on UCI’s campus.”

Here are just a couple comments from nominations of awardees:

Outstanding Social Justice Activist awardee Theresa “Tess” Tanenbaum, informatics assistant professor: “Dr. Tanenbaum’s work in anti-sexist inclusion is not just that she does so much of it (quantity) nor that she does it so well (quality) but also that she does it with massive impact. Her work on name changes not only inspired major changes at the ACM but was picked up by Nature and published in a worldwide article. Multiple other editorial boards have now followed suit. She created an inclusive name change working group that has now grown to more than 50 members from students to faculty to industry in fields as diverse as humanities, computer science, management and chemistry! She has truly created a movement.” – Gillian Hayes, vice provost for graduate education and dean of the graduate division

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Tamara Austin Legacy awardee Krystal Tribbett

Tamara Austin Legacy awardee Krystal Tribbett, curator, Orange County Regional History: “Tribbett inaugurated the Transforming Knowledges Transforming Libraries research project which brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to campus to support undergraduate research education and opportunities that would bring students into librarianship through helping them learn to study Ethnic Studies and community based research. This empowered students, especially women and LGBTQ+ students who may be overlooked in the classroom or in student services because of their experiences of hyper-marginalization. She raised money to pay those students, collaborated with other archivists and librarians, and created a whole new career path for students in our minority serving community.” – Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, associate professor of African American studies.

Here is the full list of awardees for 2021:

Academic Achievement: Sophia Metcalf, fine arts-acting

Graduate Student: Olivia Longhetto, public health; Janielle Vidal, developmental cell & biology

Ally Award: Karissa Sorenson and Patrick Del Rosario, Social Sciences Academic Research Center staff

Outstanding Social Justice Activist award: Trace Yulie, Learning & Academic Resource director; Theresa Tanenbaum, assistant professor of informatics; Elissa Cobian, public policy graduate student

Dynamic Womxn of the Year:

Dr. Angela Chen, director, UCI Dream Center

Dr. Candice Taylor-Lucas, associate clinical professor of medicine

Rebecca Huynh, undergraduate student in biological sciences

Herschell Valenova Dayag, Graduate Student in  public health

Tamara Austin Legacy Award: Krystal Tribbett – Curator, Orange County Regional History

Judy Wu, Chancellor’s Professor of Asian American studies and director of the UCI Humanities Center

The Womxn’s Hub at UCI advances gender equity by raising community consciousness, fostering personal growth, implementing social justice initiatives, and increasing access to resources that support student success.