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Etel Solingen named Berlin Prize Fellow

UCI political scientist to advance work on geopolitics

May 13, 2021
Etel Solingen named Berlin Prize Fellow
Etel Solingen, Distinguished Professor and Thomas T. and Elizabeth C. Tierney Chair in Peace Studies, focuses on supply chains and the struggle for technological primacy that’s at the heart of 21st-century geopolitics. UCI

UCI political scientist Etel Solingen, Distinguished Professor and Thomas T. and Elizabeth C. Tierney Chair in Peace Studies, has been named one of 11 Berlin Prize Fellows for spring 2022 by the American Academy in Berlin. The Berlin Prize recognizes U.S.-based scholars, writers, composers and artists for excellence in their respective fields, and includes a residential stay at the academy’s Hans Arnhold Center in the German capital.

Solingen’s Berlin Prize fellowship is named for Richard C. Holbrooke, the academy’s founder, as a tribute to his lifelong commitment to diplomacy and statecraft as tools for solving some of the world’s most intractable problems. As the Holbrooke Fellow, Solingen will contribute to activities related to her book Geopolitics, Supply Chains and International Relations of East Asia, published this month by Cambridge University Press. She will convene the Holbrooke Workshop with participants from academia, think tanks, government, law and industry to address the complex relations among the European Union, China and the U.S. regarding geopolitics, global supply chains and diplomacy.

Solingen heads UCI’s module on global supply chains as part of a UC-wide project on geoeconomics, geopolitics and superpower competition funded by the UC Office of the President.

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