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Commanding the Front Lines

July 6, 2020
Commanding the Front Lines
Beginning April 16, all healthcare employees, visitors and others entering UCI Medical Center, in Orange, must first be screened by answering a series of questions about potential coronavirus symptoms and then having their temperature taken. If it’s under 99 degrees, they are given a wristband to enter.

The daunting challenge seemingly happened overnight: Stop what you’re doing, rethink how you’re doing it, and adapt – now. With each day delivering a flurry of new and often confusing information about the COVID-19 pandemic, UCI Health and the campus community mobilized to figure out how to combat this invisible yet deadly enemy. Health and safety changes were made at the hospital, while elective surgeries were canceled in preparation for a potential springtime surge of coronavirus patients. Medical personnel dove in to care for a smaller-than-anticipated – but growing – number of people seriously ill with COVID-19 and, through acts of compassion, sought to ease the anxieties engendered by the unpredictable disease. With no proven treatment, clinicians launched trials of possible therapies, and public health faculty reached out globally to exchange best practices. “This is the true power of an academic medical center where taking care of others, especially the most vulnerable among us, is bolstered by the innovative inquiry and nimble responsiveness of a modern research university,” said Dr. Steve Goldstein, UCI vice chancellor for health affairs.

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