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UCI School of Medicine student Kaosoluchi Enendu, left, and LEAD-ABC program Co-Director Dr. Carol Major, right, gather in support of black lives. Kaosoluchi Enendu

This August, 12 black first-year medical school students will arrive at UCI — the most ever for one class. What prompted that record-setting achievement? Much of the credit goes to a growing program at the School of Medicine called LEAD-ABC, which recruits top-level black students and allies who are dedicated to working with those communities to pursue their degrees at UCI. LEAD stands for Leadership Education to Advance Diversity, and ABC stands for African, Black and Caribbean. In this episode of the UCI Podcast, Dr. Carol Major – who is the co-director of the LEAD-ABC program and a professor of obstetrics & gynecology – and UCI medical student Kaosoluchi Enendu, discuss the origins of the LEAD-ABC program and the success it has already achieved. “The emphasis is leadership and advocacy and community, and we are in the process of developing leaders that are passionate about lifting up and helping ABC communities,” Major says. “We’ve given our students a voice — they have a voice and a very powerful voice. We’re encouraging them to use it for all ABC communities, for the good of everyone, and it’s absolutely happening.”

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