As this year's Bourke Award recipient, UCI chemistry professor Kieron Burke has been invited to give lectures on chemical physics at United Kingdom universities.

Kieron Burke, professor of chemistry at UCI, is the 2017 recipient of the Bourke Award from Britain’s Royal Society of Chemistry. Bestowed each year on distinguished scientists from outside the United Kingdom, the prize includes about $2,600, a medal and a certificate. As this year’s recipient, Burke, who is also a professor of physics & astronomy at UCI, has been invited to give lectures in chemical physics at U.K. universities. “I am extremely honored to receive this award and am very grateful to the society and the committee for choosing me,” said Burke, who was born in Dublin. “The fact that I share a name, a country of origin, and a career path from physics to chemistry with the person commemorated by the award makes it especially gratifying. I have always wanted to spend more time in the United Kingdom, and this lectureship will provide a great opportunity.” Burke’s research at UCI focuses on improving computational calculations that can help scientists develop new materials or drugs. He combines ideas from mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science in a research group that even includes some high school students. With its awards, the Royal Society of Chemistry recognizes scientists for the originality and impact of their work as well as their ability to build successful, collaborative teams.