Contrary to inaccurate news reports, The College Republicans at UCI have not been suspended.  Only the privilege to book event space through Student Center and Events Services has been revoked through the spring 2017 quarter. The group has not been removed from the campus. They can still book other space for events — classrooms, lecture halls, Anteater Recreation Center, Bren Events Center, etc.  And they maintain all other rights and privileges afforded to registered campus organizations at UCI.

The action was taken because of a policy violation. Leading up to the Milo Yiannopoulos event on June 2, College Republicans were advised that Student Center and Events Services would require proof of insurance if a private security firm was to be brought on board for their event. This is required of all registered campus organizations. The group failed to provide the proof of insurance and brought the private security firm on campus anyway. This resulted in a revocation of their privileges to reserve space through Student Center and Events Services.

Such restriction has been imposed on other registered campus organizations that fail to provide adequate information regarding their events.

We take very seriously the safety and security of all students and community members. Our policies and procedures are designed to minimize physical risk associated with hosting events on campus.

We also take very seriously the right of College Republicans and a wide variety of student groups to host events and speakers representing a diversity of ideas and perspectives.