A team struggles to control a giant pen during a challenge at the third annual Anteater Equity Games. Steve Zylius / UCI

This year’s Anteater Equity Games drew a lively gathering of more than 100 students, faculty and staff to Aldrich Park on Wednesday, May 4. Participants in the third annual event competed in a variety of mental and physical challenges, such as writing with an enormous pen, matching major Supreme Court decisions to the decades in which they were handed down, and completing puzzles.

Daniel Wehrenfennig, co-vice chair of the Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion, said the intention of the games is to raise awareness of our diversity. “We want people to interact and learn about issues of equity and inclusion while participating in educational and entertaining exercises,” he said. “We have mandatory training in these areas, which is helpful, but the experience of teaming on games has proven to be more personally accessible and have a lasting impact.”

The activities required dynamic teamwork involving support, cooperation and problem-solving – all measured against time.

“The games are a wonderful way for everyone on campus to meet new people, work together toward a common goal and create a sense of belonging,” said Doug Haynes, vice provost for academic equity, diversity & inclusion. “We take pride in our diverse campus, and this shared experience is a great way to stretch, grow and build an inclusive community.”