Said Elghobashi will be honored next month in Italy at the ninth International Conference on Multiphase Flow.

UCI Distinguished Professor Said Elghobashi will receive the Senior Award at the ninth International Conference on Multiphase Flow, to be held next month in Italy. Presented every three years at the conference, the award recognizes an individual’s significant scientific and technical contributions to the field of multiphase flow research, as well as outstanding leadership in scholarship, development and education. Elghobashi has pioneered detailed methodology based on the most powerful computational capability available. His approach sheds light on the dispersion of particles and droplets in the atmosphere, fuel spray in combustion engines, the bubbly flow in boat wakes and the contrails of aircraft. A National Academy of Engineering member, Elghobashi has studied computational fluid dynamics for more than four decades. He was one of the first researchers to apply direct numerical simulation to turbulent multiphase flows, and his work has laid the foundation for and improved the understanding of numerical modeling of particle-laden turbulent flows. “It is nice to know that experts in my field of research appreciate my contributions,” Elghobashi said. He will be honored with a special session at the international conference, at which he will deliver a lecture.