Day: October 2, 2015

New novel by Roxanne Varzi set in modern Iran

Roxanne Varzi’s new novel, Last Scene Underground, portrays a modern Iran that’s rarely seen in the coverage of that country’s nuclear program and religious fundamentalism. The book tells of young, educated residents of Tehran who navigate their way through politics and art and in the process learn hard lessons about censorship, creativity and love. It was inspired by artists and […]

Susan Charles, colleagues get grant to study link between social interaction, health in seniors

Susan Charles, UCI professor of psychology & social behavior and nursing science, is part of a team of researchers recently awarded $2.4 million from the National Institute on Aging to study how social interaction improves the health of older adults. Participants will use wearable electronic devices and cellphone apps to monitor their physical activity and social interactions in […]

Richard Sudek speaks out

Applied Innovation executive director discusses The Cove’s role in Orange County’s ‘entrepreneurial ecosystem’

Applied Innovation’s The Cove provides entrepreneurial ecosystem under one roof

Institute for Innovation rebrands as Applied Innovation to serve as ‘front door’ for all industry collaboration with UCI

UCI’s Dr. Robert Detrano receives Yunnan Friendship Award for ChinaCal efforts

UCI radiological sciences professor Dr. Robert Detrano received the Yunnan Friendship Award from Gov. Chen Hao for his outstanding contributions to the people of this southern Chinese province. At a Sept. 24 reception, Hao honored 10 top foreign experts working in Yunnan. In 2005, Detrano founded the China California Heart Watch, a nonprofit group that brings […]