Cindy Elizabeth Ventura, a junior in public health policy, has been awarded a Public Health Leadership & Learning Undergraduate Student Success internship from the national Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. The eight-week summer internship provides sophomore and junior scholars with research and community health activities, mentorship and professional development. The PLUSS Program aims to enhance students’ abilities to transition to graduate and professional school and, ultimately, a career in public health. Ventura’s research interests include maternal and child health in poor areas. “Coming from a low-income community myself, I’m passionate about health policy and how governments, along with nonprofits, can increase access to healthcare and resources for those living in poverty,” said Ventura, who plans to eventually earn a Master of Public Health and attend law school. “I really don’t think it’s acceptable that many poor communities internationally suffer from various preventable diseases because of their lack of access to something so simple as clean water or food.”