NerdScholar, a consumer interest site for students, has ranked international studies at UC Irvine among the top programs in the country. According to the site, international studies students at UC Irvine use 21st century analytical skills to gain a unique perspective on global issues, societies and cultures. Four focal areas—global issues and institutions, global conflict and negotiation, the global role of California and the U.S., and global society and culture—allow them to develop expertise in specific aspects of international life, while new regional specializations—the francophone world and the Islamic world—reflect global realities. Opportunities for students include the International Studies Public Forum, a biweekly lecture series on new ideas and research; the International Peace & Conflict Studies House and two student clubs featuring distinguished speakers, group events and field trips; and several innovative internships, including one with the Red Cross for students interested in international humanitarian law and one with Living Ubuntu focused on genocide awareness. The International Studies Public Forum also currently organizes at least one “professional development” talk per quarter.