Two UCI physical sciences programs – chemical synthesis and mathematics – have received $1.6 million in fellowship funding from the U.S. Department of Education as part of the Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need effort. For each program, the grant will support six GAANN fellows per year for three years, with an additional fellow supported by the UCI Graduate Division. “Graduate students perform much of the groundbreaking research in the School of Physical Sciences, so the success in obtaining GAANN funding is a grand slam for our teaching and research,” said Kenneth Janda, physical sciences dean. The chemical synthesis GAANN program is directed by chemistry professor David Van Vranken and combines organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and chemical biology research in training doctoral students to design, synthesize and characterize new molecules. The mathematics GAANN program, directed by Chancellor’s Professor John Lowengrub, comprehensively prepares graduate students for careers in teaching and research. Both programs include mentorship opportunities and career training.