Month: March 2012

Study highlights success, challenges of Orange County’s stroke care system

Orange County system created to improve emergency stroke care takes patients to the hospitals most prepared to treat stroke. UC Irvine stroke neurologist Steven Cramer, MD, analyzes success.

RADD DUI Awareness Graphic

Putting the brakes on drunk driving

UCI leads effort to raise awareness of advantages of designated drivers as spring break approaches.

UCI-led study uncovers how salmonella avoids the body’s immune response

UC Irvine researchers have discovered how salmonella, a bacterium found in contaminated raw foods that causes major gastrointestinal distress in humans, thrives in the digestive tract despite the immune system’s best efforts to destroy it.

Med students at UCI – and across the US – learn where they’ll first practice as doctors

Graduating students from the UC Irvine School of Medicine will participate in the annual Match Day tradition of publicly learning which residency programs they’ll enter.

Thuy Vo Dang

Making history

Student interviewers record the life stories of Vietnamese American immigrants for archival preservation.

Camille Fitpatrick and Alex Vasquez

A cure for healthcare

In a bustling trailer at the El Sol Science & Arts Academy in downtown Santa Ana, UC Irvine’s Program in Nursing Science offers a window to healthcare’s future. Children and their parents fill a sparse waiting area, but the people in white coats who move from room to room seeing the young patients aren’t physicians. […]

UCI loses the legendary F. Sherwood Rowland

His research is credited with saving Earth’s critical ozone layer.

UCI Nobel Laureate F. Sherwood Rowland passes away at 84

Renowned chemist and founding faculty member discovered that aerosol propellants were creating a hole in Earth’s ozone layer.

UC Irvine News Brief: Social networking can be good for teens, researchers find

“Our study suggests that online uses support the development of adolescents rather than placing them at increased risk,” says UCI’s Stephanie Reich.

Blocking natural, marijuana-like chemical in the brain boosts fat burning

Stop exercising, eat as much as you want … and still lose weight? It sounds impossible, but UC Irvine and Italian researchers have found that by blocking a natural, marijuana-like chemical regulating energy metabolism, this can happen, at least in the lab.