Month: February 2011

California Coast

UC Irvine presents “Enhancing the Future of the California Coast,” a daylong conference featuring legal, environmental, engineering and nonprofit experts discussing the preservation of the state’s rich marine environment.

Point guard Jade Smith-Williams

Leading on and off the court

Senior Jade Smith-Williams, linchpin of the women’s basketball revival, looks forward to a law career.

Oladele Ogunseitan

Study sheds light on potential risks of LEDs

Lead, arsenic and other contaminants found in bulbs touted as safe.

Andrew Chang

Fellowship winner follows his heart

Andrew Chang left a promising engineering career to pursue a doctorate in economics. His research aims to empower U.S. policymakers to create appropriate laws for possible future regulation of the financial sector.

Crystal Cove beach cottages

Keeping the coast clear

March 4 symposium highlights how citizens have partnered with scientists, politicians and bureaucrats to protect public access to the coast and ensure its continued health.

Cactus Wren

Cactus restoration program is for the birds

UCI cactus restoration program aims to boost the population of a rare wren. Biologists are creating a welcoming habitat near campus that they hope will help the species thrive.

UC Irvine News Brief: UCI childhood health expert advises Irvine city panel

Dr. Dan Cooper spoke Feb. 23 before the Children, Youth & Families Advisory Committee about a groundbreaking study of ways to reduce obesity and diabetes in at-risk children.

Economics panel

Professors David Brownstone, Jan Brueckner, Linda Cohen, Fabio Milani and David Neumark will examine the role of psychology in the business cycle, California’s business climate, high-speed rail, nuclear power and airline mergers.

Lauds & Laurels 2011

Brian Skyrms, 18 others to be honored at 41st Lauds & Laurels ceremony May 12.

Rebecca Grinter

Building better Roombas — and other machines

Most people have just one question regarding Roombas: How well do the robotic floor vacuums suck up pet hair and dust bunnies? A few might even wonder if their Roomba could go rogue and chase the family cat or attack them in their sleep. Rebecca Grinter, M.S. ’94, Ph.D. ’96, a graduate of UC Irvine’s […]