Day: January 24, 2011

Michael Clegg

America’s scientist abroad

UCI botanist travels the world helping scientific groups

Face with a map of the world overlaid on top

International issues: Who’s in charge here?

New book co-edited by political science professor Deborah Avant explains the growing phenomenon of global governance.

David Neumark

Kids are all right with just mom

New UCI study finds minority dropout rates decrease when more fathers are incarcerated.

Daniel Keady, Andrew Le, and Denise Dabu

Taking research to the community

UCI’s new Orange County Center for Community Health Research provides a framework for community-based groups to organize their own research on issues – such as childhood obesity, diabetes and poverty – that affect populations they serve.

Valerie Jenness

Social ecology dean drawn to gritty side of life

As her studies of prison violence, hate crimes and prostitution show, Valerie Jenness is drawn to the gritty side of life.