Month: November 2009

Benji Zachariah screens a child for heart disease in China's Yunnan province

Healthcare on a global scale

Future physician Benji Zachariah hopes to make a difference among the world’s poor.

Sarah Bana

Leading by example

Sarah Bana always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up: an FBI agent. “I’d read a lot of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries, and I wanted to save the world,” she says. She still does, although she’s going about it in a different way. A fourth-year quantitative economics major at UC […]

Kei Akagi

Master of improvisation

Kei Akagi was 24 and pursuing a doctorate in philosophy at UC Santa Barbara when he decided music was his true calling. It was 2 a.m., he’d just finished performing with his jazz band, and he suddenly realized he hadn’t done any work on a graduate presentation due the next day. “I sat down in […]