Month: June 2009

Students blowing bubbles during Commencement

Goodbye, UCI

UC Irvine seniors talk about finding a wealth of knowledge, friendship, even their life’s purpose as they prepare for graduation.

Africa Initiative

A new UC Irvine group headed by neuroscientist Hans Keirstead is sending vitamins and wheelchairs to disadvantaged people in Africa. The UCI Africa Initiative aims to raise awareness about how small gestures can have a huge affect on Africans’ lives.

UCI biologist James Hicks

Gator aid

Dinosaurs appeared on Earth about 230 million years ago, when atmospheric oxygen levels were close to half what they are today. Scientists wonder how they survived – for 165 million years – under these varying conditions. UC Irvine biologist James Hicks is finding answers in the alligator, a modern relative of the dinosaur.

Film & media studies professor receives book award

Victoria E. Johnson has received the 2009 Katherine Singer Kovács Book Award for outstanding scholarship in film and media studies.…

Using mathematics to predict cancer growth

John Lowengrub, UC Irvine mathematics professor and chair, knows the devastating effects of cancer. His aunt died 10 years ago…

Math model predicts cancer growth

John Lowengrub, mathematics professor and chair, builds computer models to predict tumor growth and evaluate therapy options. The goal: maximize treatment effectiveness and minimize patient suffering.

Surviving disaster in Indonesia

Floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudslides, volcanic eruptions-Indonesians have seen it all. Now they’re getting help with healing from a UC Irvine…

Software engineer receives research award

Richard Taylor, UC Irvine informatics professor and Institute for Software Research director, has received the 2009 ACM Special Interest Group…

Indonesian students learning to cope with trauma

Taking coping skills global

Roxane Cohen Silver and Psychology Beyond Borders provide mental healthcare in developing countries after traumatic events.

Natasha Sayani's skirt on a model walking down the runway

UCI’s own ‘Project Runway’

Fashion Interest Group puts on its end-of-year show, featuring budding designers and models in a ‘Project Runway’-style competition.