Month: June 2009

Wind Turbines

Wind + water = untapped energy

Wind energy over the planet’s oceans is a vastly underutilized renewable resource, according to UC Irvine researchers.

Lupton sisters offer fresh look at everyday objects

Julia Lupton, UC Irvine Chancellor’s Fellow and English professor, and her twin sister, graphic designer Ellen Lupton, recently published Design

Social scientist looks at how the eye sees color

Variations in how people perceive colors and how those same colors appear on TV, computers and other media have confounded…

Rachel Moran

Raising the bar

Rachel F. Moran is on a mission. As a founding faculty member at the University of California, Irvine School of Law and the newly elected president of the Association of American Law Schools, she seeks the return of the citizen-lawyer, who not only represents clients but helps improve society. “The vaunted image of the citizen-lawyer, […]

A person sun bathing on the beach

Dark side of the sun

As a specialist in skin disorders and cancers, Dr. Janellen Smith sees firsthand what too much sun can do. She stresses that people – especially those in sun-worshipping Southern California – should be aware of the health risks associated with prolonged sun exposure and take proper precautions.

Professor A. Kimball Romney

How our eye sees color

Colors reproduced on Web sites or printed photos never seem as true as what we see in real life, and now one UC Irvine professor explains why.

Thiago Halmer

Speaking the same language

Thiago Halmer and other PRIME-LC students will help doctors in Brazil collaborate with UCI physicians on stuttering cases.

Eta Carinae

Giant supernovae farthest ever detected

UC Irvine cosmologists have found two supernovae farther away than any previously detected by using a new technique that could help find other dying stars at the edge of the universe.

AirUCI hosts summer teacher workshop

About 20 local science teachers are at UC Irvine this week and next to learn about atmospheric chemistry as part…

UCI awarded grant for nuclear energy research

UC Irvine has been awarded up to $300,000 from the U.S. Department of Energy for nuclear energy research. Mikael Nilsson,…