Day: January 5, 2009

Paralympic sailing champ Nick Scandone dies

UC Irvine alumnus Nick Scandone ’90, who became a world champion sailor while battling Lou Gehrig’s disease, died in his…

Study finds state program ineffective at creating jobs

A new study co-authored by UC Irvine economics professor David Neumark (pictured), finds that California’s Enterprise Zone Program has no…

Andrew Penner

Study shows ethnicity isn’t black and white

Losing your job or doing jail time can affect how people perceive your racial background, according to a recent study co-authored by Andrew Penner, UC Irvine sociology assistant professor.

Frank LaFerla

Institute for Brain Aging and Dementia gets new chief

Neurobiologist Frank LaFerla is taking the reins of the UC Irvine Institute for Brain Aging & Dementia, hoping to boost clinical offerings and move forward with a new building dedicated to Alzheimer’s disease research.

Dr. Michael Alkire

The search for consciousness

As an anesthesiologist, UC Irvine’s Dr. Michael Alkire wants to tackle what many neuroscientists see as the Holy Grail of their field – the biological basis of consciousness.

Backstage drama

Living Our Values Award puts the spotlight on those who work behind the scenes