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Athletics Beach volleyball player icing their ankle

Dr. David Kruse, medical director of UC Irvine’s Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center, sees first-hand when weekend warriors push themselves a little too far. He offers his insights on avoiding injury while still having fun this summer.

Alumni Karen Rook

Professor Karen Rook studies relationships and how they affect one’s health and happiness. Her research has shed light on the psychological toll of loneliness on the elderly.


Though her studies on instant messaging, iTunes and even robotic vacuums might make some people LOL, alumna Rebecca Grinter has a serious quest: to understand the social impact of technology and improve human-computer interaction.

Alumni Bryan Doerries

Dramatic readings of ancient Greek plays directed by UCI alumnus Bryan Doerries provide a forum for veterans recovering from post-traumatic stress — or “divine madness” — of modern-day combat.


First-generation college student Cheyenne Reynoso is intent on giving back to her Native American community.

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