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Admin Walking Dead MOOC professors

Offered through Instructure, the free, eight-week MOOC will explore subjects related to math, public health, social science and physics

Education Hands Typing

Adaptive learning program developed at UCI supplements and reinforces math and science skills

Campus Life Dean Erwin Chmerinsky hugs graduate Jean Su

Among other achievements, the 58 members of the School of Law’s class of 2012 helped define UCI’s pro bono program, establishing the school as a true champion of public interest legal education with a strong emphasis on experiential learning.

Admin Professor Michael Martinez lecture on Open CourseWare

Five years later, UCI’s OCW offerings have grown from just 10 complete University Extension courses to include contributions from 66 UCI faculty members, 50 complete courses, 70 video lectures and more than 1,000 learning assets.

Admin Gary Matkin

Award-winning dean of continuing education, discusses the unit’s evolving role in lifelong learning.